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Rejuvenating the Heart of a Success-Oriented Woman

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By Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Leadership Coach
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When you’re a hard working woman in today’s culture chances are you give a lot more than you receive, you often put your self-care secondary and you are exhausted. I feel for you as rejuvenating oneself is an ongoing challenge I have been managing for years. When I was in the corporate world during my lunch break I would often go to the nearest luxury hotel or a local park. I would sit out by the pool or trees and pretend I was on vacation for 20 minutes of my lunch break. Getting outside regularly is a great way to get your vitamin D replenished from the sun. If it is cold outside, 10 minutes is all you need.
Some offices are instituting meditation rooms. If you are in management or have a manager, discuss the possibility of providing a room where you can dimly light it (with soft lighting), have some plants and some chairs and/or pillows for meditating. A sofa and CD player would be great options as well. Warm colors and pictures of nature on the walls would help. A little Zen clock with timer would be helpful to ensure people don’t fall asleep there.
The mind is a powerful entity. When we give it some quiet time, amazing things can happen. As a hypnotherapist, I have created custom visualization CDs for people that have helped them stop stuttering, be more relaxed, focused,Karen Millen Tropical Sun Dress Black and White, productive and athletic. They have relieved pain and anxiety as well as shed pounds. I encourage you to find the time to take what I call a power nap. It entails either twenty minutes where you meditate, use a guided relaxation program, or nap.
If you would lИкаетe to try a guided relaxation audio, there is a free 15-minute audio available at www.ReEnergizenow.com. Load this onto you mp3 player and take your mini-vacation at the office any time you need a break. You can use this during that low energy time of day. You’d be amazed at what a power nap can do for you. Often times these guided relaxation audios have versions to which you can fall asleep; there is a nice selection of these power napping audios at www.SanDiegoHypnosisWorks.com.
If you really have a lot going on, you may be in need of more rest. Most women today do нетt get enough rest. And if this has been a pattern for a while work on getting eight to nine hours of sleep daily.
Furthermore, make a list of ways to nurture yourself and do one thing a day. Here are some additional ideas for your list: meditate, gentle yoga class, receive a massage, take a bath, float, drink more water,Karen Millen Glamorous Halter Dress Offwhite, take conscious breaths during your day, take a nap, sleep, take a day off and do nothing, get a facial or give yourself a facial, go for a walk, go for tea with a girlfriend, hire a babysitter and go to a movie, journal, slow down, keep relaxing music on in the evening, write a Любовь letter to yourself, ask for a hug from someone close you, take a vacation or staycation (vacation at home), read the other inspiring Heart books by Sheryl Roush, develop close relationships with lИкаетe-minded women or join communities of women who will celebrate and inspire you (lИкаетe Club Joy at www.WomenInJoy.com).
Most of all I want to remind you of the incredible woman you are. You are precious and lovable and deserve the very best that life has to offer. So Любовь yourself a lot. Think about how you would treat your best friend who you adore. Would you buy her Готовит подарокs, say great things about her, be there for her to listen to her deepest thoughts and feelings? Yes… So do that for yourself.
Rejuvenation is an ongoing process. Radical self-care pays off. You will look younger, be more productive and thus be able to work less. You are reading this because your health needs to be a greater priority. That doesn’t just mean exercising and eating right. It means rest, relaxation and nurturing.
Here’s to your joy and rejuvenation.
? Copyright 2010 Transform Today. Permission is granted to publish this article to a website, ezine or magazine as long as the author information is included (with website) without any modifications. All links must be active .

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